It was so amazing and inspiring, I intend to let all of my other artist friends know about it so that we may attend in the future!  

Keep up the amazing work you do.

Nina L.


Great event today! Thanks Criterion Group, Camille Friend, Tym Buacharern, and Conrad Hilton.

Nikki W.


I learned so much and met some great individuals.  I truly enjoyed myself and can't wait to attend more events that the Criterion Group will put on.  Thank you.

Ashley W.


I attended the event on Sunday and I have to say it was a life changer.  I learned so much and met so many cool people.  I always knew I wanted to create art that lasts forever but I never thought about doing it through film and tv.  This workshop truly opened my eyes and made me realize that I have so much ahead of me  and look forward to.

Lilly B.


Well done to you and your team--it was a super event.  We look forward to working with you again on this and other projects moving forward.

Christine K.


I was delighted and so thankful to have been part of such an enigmatic event!  It was truly inspiring and informative!  I mean to actually even get a chance to learn from the president of the union and to be able to hold an Oscar...Wow!  We are very fortunate to have attended and the goodie bags were amazing!  All of us kept mentioning the great evergy that was felt and loved how humble and helpful everyone was.  

Suzette C.


Last night I had an amazing time at Criterion Group's Hair and Make-up Symposium with the biggest names in the hair industry.

Tayari E.


Hello, I truly enjoyed The Symposium Event Sunday, I was overwhelmed with inspiration and Knowledge...



Loved finding out what each Make-up artists "BIG BREAK" was! Fascinating. Gifts Galore! You out did your self Criterion. TY

Polly P.


Thank you for putting together this amazing event seminar and workshop! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. 

Lyrica W.


Thank you again Ms. Suzie for putting on this event it was a great day. I can't wait to attend more of your events in the future and work with you.

Ashley V.


Great show yesterday very well put together it was nice meeting you Susan and Alicia.

Ronnie C.